HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Cancer, scars, and why there’s nothing to fear.

Last November I had two skin cancers cut off and you can read about it here. A Basal Cell Carcinoma from my left arm, and a Melanoma from my left hip. This month I had another Basal Cell Carcinoma cut off, this time, from my back. Ironically, about an inch away from a mole I had cut off some 20 plus years ago.

On the left was after he’d cut it off. The middle and right pics are before and after the stitches came out.


Having skin cancer doesn’t concern me. I’ve known since I had my first cut off that that was going to be a way of life. Having BCCs and Melanomas is quite funny. I’ve always had this feeling that “nothing serious” was ever going to happen and so have no problems with finding out I have them because I know that will always be a possibility. I feel nothing, either way.

Cancer is an every day disease. Every day billions are finding out they have it, dealing with it, recovering from it, dying from it, or has a relative, friend or acquaintance going through it.

Every day people deal with Cancer because Cancer is an every day disease and nothing to be scared of. What you should be scared of is the fact you deny it for so long or refuse to go to the doctor to get some lump or bump checked out, and by the time you do then it’s too late. That’s not the Cancer’s fault. The Cancer didn’t come up with an excuse for not going to the doctor.

Death itself sucks. It’s sad and horrible and makes you depressed. But Cancer is not a death sentence, unless you refused to go to the doctor and by then, again, it’s too late.

Don’t be scared of Cancer. Get yourself regular check-ups and prevent it or catch it in its early stages. There is nothing to fear, and don’t get yourself worked up over what “might be”. Until you have the doctor telling you your results there is absolutely no reason to freak out or give it the time of day.

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