HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: I bought myself a Bamboo Pillow and it’s awesome!


The Bambillo Pillow has become a bit of a phenom here in Aus with advertorials running constantly on tv about how you can drop a bowling ball onto the pillow and not break the egg underneath. 

With my back issues I was fast losing sleep with the two pillows I did have and was after one for my birthday back in May. I finally found a bamboo alternative in Danoz and immediately had a problem.


I ripped the bag trying to get it out! lol. Overall, not a problem as I’m keeping it.

It was so tightly rolled it’s like it had been vacuum sealed and was a flat as a pancake.


The guy at Danoz told me it would take about 8 hours to plump up. The good thing, it came with a pillow case but I do have one big enough to go on as well.

The bad thing, it was still flat at the 8 hour mark. All in all I left it a full week. To not only plump up to the fullest it would go but to air it out after being packed away.


Due to my sciatica and other back issues I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve always had bad support when it comes to pillows, but this one is quite awesome. It contains shredded memory foam (so I’m not sure which part is related to Bamboo) and all you do each morning, or night before getting into bed, is give it a good plump up and then I karate chop it in the middle as I lay on my back when I first get in.

The ditch I make allows my head to nestle into the valley of foam and is supported on both sides. Once I roll onto my back the foam has hardened on the sides to give me the height I need to keep my head up so my back is not straining from my head dropping down. I have rarely had muscle strain or back pain since using this pillow, and usually when getting a new pillow for the first time I am in mass amounts of pain. Not this time. I highly recommend a bamboo pillow for people with neck/back issues.

This pillow is awesome, even though it’s an alternative to the Bambillo, and I hope it lasts for a good many years. 

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