Do you think you’ve found your true love? Your soul mate?

I haven’t yet, and I’m beginning to wonder if he even exists.

According to some psychics, they are more “soul connections”. People from past lives that you may need to finish things off with. Some may be your future partner, some not.

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Do you think there’s one out there for you? That seems to know you inside out. Knows everything you want and need before you do. The one who will be there for you without you even asking. Will support you and love you and never question.

I haven’t found him. I don’t even know if he’s out there.

I think some women get this confused. They think because they have “feelings” for someone it must be love. Instead of considering that the person fills a void within them. You can be mentally or emotionally attracted to someone without being in love with them.

A person who is on your wave length and understands what you’ve gone through or are going through. Someone who connects with you on so many levels you believe it’s love when it’s actually not, it’s just a very deep emotional and mental connection with someone who is feeding your soul and filling it with the hope and energy it needs to fly.

Love can be so confusing.

Love can be so fleeting.

Love can be non-existent.

Soul mate, soul mate, where fore art thou soul mate?

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