Christmas tv sucks balls in Australia!


The channels are at it again.

Changing shows to different nights and different times.

But then Christmas time has always sucked for tv viewing.

CSI New York has been moved from Monday nights at 10:30 pm to Thursday nights at 9:30 pm.

Not that I’m arguing over seeing it an hour earlier, but still.

It’s like that at this time of the year. All networks lie and change things around. 

Channel 10 has promised new “fast tracked” episodes of Homeland, NCIS, NCIS LA, Wedding Band (which only started this week and is good), and several other shows.

However, Homeland only has 3 eps to go and NCIS and NCIS LA has been repeats for over a month.

Well done channel 10.

7 and 9 have taken new eps of “fast tracked” shows off for repeats of them instead (and Once Upon a Time will finish soon at two eps a week), or repeats of stupid shit shows that we’ve seen a million times already.


Good on you networks for giving us shit Christmas viewing, but then what else is new for this time of the year.

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