A quick movie review on The Muppets and Paranormal Activity 3!

So I watched The Muppets on Saturday and I will very willingly admit I cried.
I love the Muppets. Always have, always will, and parts of this move was sad and I cried.
Parts of this movie was also boring.
There needed to be less Jason and Amy signing and more Muppets singing.
Rainbow Connection and the Muppet theme song got me bawling. It’s been so long since I’ve seen that opening theme that it took me back to childhood.
The ending, however, left me confused.
It was convoluted, and a bit ridiculous. They just walked out of the theatre and no one did anything. The crowd didn’t boo or cheer or do anything themselves which I thought was stupid.
And then all of a sudden they’re outside and there’s a million strong crowd cheering for them.
All a bit ridiculous.
On Sunday I watched Paranormal Activity 3.
It confused me just as much as 1 and 2, and I still don’t really know what the hell the storyline is.
As usual, freaky shit happens through the movie, but the worst is at the end.
Scared the freakin shit out of me.
Especially that ghosty bit with the sheet.
And then the furniture.
And then the witches and the monster and then end.
And who the hell is Toby?
Creepy and freaky!
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