HOW TO: Put together a detective kit, Nancy Drew Style!

I’m a HUGE Nancy Drew fan and over the last 5 years or so have slowly put together a detective kit that, I hope, Nancy would be proud of.

Of course, I also think I’ve come up with things she never thought of, so here goes.

This is what I originally had EVERYTHING in. And then I realised some stuff needed to be carried around every day and this kit needed to stay home. This is just an ordinary toiletry bag.

Opened, here’s most of the stuff.
And spread out, here’s what was in it. 
 So step #1 is to write down everything you think a detective needs and then go and buy it. Everything is very inexpensive so there’s no need to worry about prices. 
And step #2 is to find the perfect bag
I had found this Prezerve jewellery bag on ebay. Perfect for Nancy I thought.
Inside #1
Inside #2
Step #3 is to start fitting out your kit. Seeing what goes where, how it fits, rearranging until it all fits in.
So, on the left I put the toothbrush container (for holding long evidence), file folder (for filing evidence), raincoat, glue stick and zip bags (for holding more evidence). On the right I put the shopping bag, two small containers, a battery case (one must carry spare batteries in case the flashlight dies), a Swiss Army knife and a padlock.
Turn the inside pocket pages over (it came with three but I’m using two) and on the left there’s yellow envelopes (for keeping evidence), note cards for writing on, and black and white cards for sticking fingerprints to. On the right are all of my pens, pencils, highlighters scissors, sharpies.
Turn the page over and you have on the left tissues, small first aid kit, scarf and comb (for keeping one’s hair neat and tidy), a small bags of rubber bands, safety pins, bull clips and an assortment of other detective things. On the right is a black light for looking at things in the dark, rope with carabiners, a container that has a whistle and compass on it, a zip bag of gloves, masking/duct tape, shoe bootees (so you don’t leave footprints behind and they can also be used as hats for keeping hair covered), two containers, one is talc powder (white fingerprint powder), and one is graphite (black fingerprint powder), brushes (to dust the fingerprints), and clear nail polish.
What I found was I had to take one pocket out and that I had the containers left over because they just wouldn’t fit. So everything went into zip bags.
I also had the small Prezerve purse left over but there’s not much I can put in it.
Step #4, if you have stuff left over, or want to carry a smaller one in your bag just follow the step above.
And this is the bag that gets carried around with me. It’s my first aid/make-up/small detective kit.
And it’s all packed in although there are some things yet to come I’m sure. In the right pocket are two shopping bags, lipsticks, binoculars, a normal and a dog whistle, and the blue pack has my magnifying glass, penlight, another Swiss army knife, a metal magnet extender and a small extendable mirror for looking around corners, plus a small battery operated fan for cooling me down in summer. 
In the left is so much. Here goes. Notebook and pen, zip lock bags, raincoat, mirror, more nail polish (for rips in stockings), small manicure set, pain pills, tissues, mesh bag, small bag with floss, brushes, bandaids, small bag with more rubber bands, safety pins, bull clips etc, bag of rubber gloves and three pairs of shoe bootees. There’s also two small bandages and a small packet of tampons. Not for that time of the month but, as my friend Lady Jewels Diva pointed out, “in case you ever come across someone who’s been shot, you can slip them in cause those little buggers are made for bleeding holes.”
Yeah, good point. And clearly something Nancy never thought of!
So I know I need to get a decent torch. And I carry my camera and camcorder in my bag anyway. The Nancy of the 2007 movie did as she had a groovy little bag all kitted out, but not the Nancy of old, or even the Nancy of new. 
She’s never really had a detective kit, although through the books she’s had fingerprint powder and special liquids. A lock picking kit, which I definitely need to get but am not sure if I can legally, a Swiss Army knife and pen light. All pretty basic really. Nothing ever special or particular, which considering she’s 82, it’s high time she got herself a kit!
Come on Simon & Schuster, give Nancy a proper detective kit!
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  1. Jamie July 6, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Nancy drew thought of everything she just didn’t need this stuff cause she was better the all of us. But I need something like this cause I’m not or will not ever be as good as Nancy!!! You probably a good detective too!!! I think you really smart!!

  2. Whocares Drew November 24, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    I think it’s legal to get a lock Pick kit-you cn get one on a website called spy emporium really cheap. Great stuff though! I never thought of all of this! I have an agency where we solve crimes too!

  3. Molly April 6, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    I think Nancy Drew is a very good detective and is great at solving cases.


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