GRL’s Ugly Heart. Loving the song but NOT the video

Ever since I heard the GRL song, Ugly Heart, it has been on my iPod on high rotation. even when it comes on the radio it gets turned up loud. Now I’ve seen the film clip and I have questions and comments (after the video)
1 – what the hell has this video even got to do with the song?
2 – there had to be two trashy blondes in it. Clearly not their natural hair colour.
3 – the directors/producers/stylists had to use trashy, tight, sexy outfits when the song wasn’t even about that.
Why can’t a female singer/group not get their clothes off in a video? Why does every female need to be sexualised and stripped bare? Why the hell do females feel the need to remove their clothes, or wear tight jumpsuits that shows there’s no underwear underneath? And that bikini top thing she was wearing looked like it was painted on and she was too scared to move in case it fell off, or melted.
I LOVE the song, but seriously, the video could have been a whole lot better than them being arrested in a tattoo parlour that had nothing whatsoever to do with the song. And the miming was atrocious!
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