HOW TO: Put together a Business Kit part 3

So here is part three of my business kit.
I searched high and low on eBay for something like this and found them from the same place. As you can see, the large is slightly bigger than A4 and the blue one is small enough to go in your handbag. Well mine anyway. 
Pink large.
Pink inside. On the right is all of the A4 letterheads in a blue manilla folder to protect them. The style notebook one pocket up and the return ad labels, sticky notes and a pink notebook. I’ve also put the style business stickers here as well. On the left is the business notebook, a blue notebook in the top pocket with the business sticky notes, business stickers and pens, sharpies, pencil and eraser.
Small blue, about B5 size.
On the left is pens, sharpies, pencil, eraser, notebooks and paperclip. On the right is the two notepads plus a pink notepad. I’ve also added social media cards in the mesh pocket.
Unfortunately it’s not big enough for the large notebooks but that’s okay. I’m looking for another / similar one for other notebooks for sketching or writing and then that’s another thing to carry.
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