Jewellery is made from fashion chain, findings, pendants, charms and beads of all shapes and sizes including semi-precious, acrylic crystal, resin, glass and so much more.

By following these simple steps, your pieces will last for many years.


  • Fashion chain and findings may tarnish so keep away from dust and every day pollutants.
  • If you have issues with earring hooks coat the hook in a thin layer of clear nail polish and let dry for 24 hours.
  • Bracelets and stacks are usually made with some type of beading elastic that will eventually stretch and/or break. Gently roll on bead bracelets and wiggle and push stretch bracelets over your hand. Do not yank or pull elasticated bracelets over your hands as the motions will end up stretching or snapping the elastic.
  • Bead bracelets will be different sizes due to bead sizes, so if one bracelet is bigger than another, roll or push that one on first so it goes further up your arm and sits comfortably without stretching.
  • When wearing bracelets or stacks, do not wear perfume, moisturiser or other products on your wrist as they may remove the colours from beads or make them tarnish faster.
  • When wearing earrings and necklaces, do not spray perfume after putting jewellery on, as it may tarnish, remove colour, or leave bead colour on your skin.
  • If a piece of jewellery breaks, try and repurpose it into another piece. One earring can be turned into a necklace pendant or a charm on a bracelet, a hair bobbie, or keyring. Chain bracelets can be connected together for a necklace, or a long bead necklace can be wrapped around your wrist for a bracelet.
  • Remove jewellery and/or hair accessories when washing hands, showering, or swimming.
  • Never expose jewellery or hair accessory pieces to extreme heat or direct sunlight over long periods of time as this can cause colours to fade.
  • To clean, use a dry soft cloth. Never submerge in cleaning solution or water.
  • Zip lock and organza bags are a great way of keeping your jewellery and accessories neat and tidy, and tucked away from all pollutants.


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