Women living a lie because they think it’s all about fairy tales!


Fairy tales are giving women the wrong idea about love.

Well DUH!

If you grow up watching and reading stories and fairy tales, that’s fine, but if you take that into adulthood and think, or believe, that it’s real, then you have a serious problem.

Knights in shining armour do NOT come riding in on their big black horse to rescue us. Princes do NOT come to kiss us awake so we can live happily ever after, and while some may think evil stepmothers exist, once you are an adult, you have the right to choose how to spend your life.

If you don’t get off your arse and help yourself, no one else will. No man, will want to love or be with a misery guts for the rest of their life. Don’t think for a second that you’re going to be wanted if you don’t live life and get on with it. Do NOT rely on a man to make things right. Do NOT rely on a man to fix your problems. Do NOT rely on a man to make you happy. You have to make your own life, your own happiness and your own way before any DECENT man will bother taking you on.

There are real life princes out there, but most of them are boys who need to grow up. And for all of those thinking Princess Mary scored big. Did she? She had to give up her citizenship to Australia, and become a citizen of Denmark in order to live and be and marry a real life prince!

So for all the women out there who believe in all this shit, you’re off your fucking rocker.

But if you’ve met Mr. Right? Great, good for you. Just stop living a stupid fairy tale lie.


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