Why do people stand around and watch shootings when they could get shot themselves?

I was watching Ripper Street last night and at the end there was a shoot-out, which you expect in crime shows these days.

But what got me was that the people hung around.

These days, people generally run when there are gun shots, they don’t hang around to watch, unless they are incredibly stupid and excited by what’s going on before them, pulling out smartphones to take footage to post it to Youtube and Facebook.

But back then, clearly they had no understanding that they could be the next one gunned down in the war that is going on before them. Clearly they don’t have that understanding now.


It it like a car crash or train wreck? People just have to slow down for a look. Never mind realising they may cause another accident by slowing down. 

What is it that makes people hang around? Excitement, wanting to be a witness, wanting to be the one on tv recounting the horrors of the gun fight?

They clearly don’t give a fat rats about their safety and life. No, that’s the furtherest thing from their minds as they stand there and watch.

It’s kind of like people that are being chased by a car when they are running away from it. Instead of running off to the side to get away in the shortest amount of time, they run off in front of it, like it’s trying to beat them in a marathon or something. I just don’t get it, I really don’t.

Clearly people don’t think about their safety.

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