Webster’s Pages Composition Folio and Planners

I’m a sucker for compendiums as you know, and in the last six months I’ve become a sucker for planners, and then I saw pictures of this composition folio, or compendium as I call it, and knew I had to have one.

As per Webster’s Pages, it comes in a gorgeous box, covered with a vellum sheet with hello in gold foil, and I bought it from Blitsy.com.

Navy and pink floral, it matches my mint and pink floral planner and travellers notebook that I showed the other day. It holds an average school sized writing book, and has room for more on the left side.


This is so gorgeous, I love it. Not sure if I’ll use it, as all collectors, we like to look and keep for prosperity, not use and end up regretting it.

And since I loved this so much, I decided to track down the matching planner and travellers notebook to go with the mint and pink floral ones I showed you all last week.


They came in their Webster’s boxes with vellum hello insert, and the planner came with a full years inserts with dividers and monthly sections. I didn’t get those with the mint planner, and I didn’t know this one came with them, so that’s a bonus.


Then the travellers notebook came with it’s plain covered notebook and I added the blue floral one that I had put in my green travellers notebook, and I bought an extra pink floral to go with it. The white notebook was a spare from other purchases.


As a set, they’re gorgeous and means they’re one up on my mint floral set. If only the mint came in a composition folio. Ugh, gorgeous.

Have you guys bought from Webster’s Pages lately?



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