Tv Show continuity. Don’t you just hate it!


So last night was the season finale of Aussie drama Sea Patrol. In the lead up to the end, as the show has also been axed, I went back and watched seasons 2, 3, and 4.

In watching these eps some things are never rectified. At the end of season 3, three characters disappear, Buffer, Spider and Nav, and the reasons why are never stated in the first ep of season 4. Neither is the new character of Bird, although we do know that Conrad Coleby’s character of Dutchy is the new Buffer. Their nicknames have to do with their job. So, what happened to them? Have no idea.

Also in season 4, there’s a scene in two eps that are exactly the same with Dutchy lying on the bed having his wounds checked over. Geez, the budget wasn’t that tight that they had to use that scene twice. I get reusing outside scenes of boarding boats or pointing guns, but I thought I was seeing things when I saw that scene again. The blood is even in the same place.

But as for the end of the last episode, they killed off the popular character Swain 🙁 and yes, I cried, I always do when people die in movies or shows. And I also have a bit of a crush on the actor at the mo, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

But the “epilogue” was weird. At the end they told us what happened to all the characters. Instead of saying they went on to sail and protect the coast of Australia, they split the team up. Why? Don’t know. We all figured Mike and Kate would get married, but 2Dads went A.W.O.L in Singapore, which is understandable, but Charge left the Navy to work on an oil rig of Western Aus, R.O went on to be the radio operator on other ships, Bird became a fully qualified medic and Dutchy went back to Afghanistan. And Swain’s daughter grew up to join the Navy.

Now that bit was the weirdest. All the rest you could see happening within the year, but Swain’s daughter was five, there would have been a fifteen year wait at least for her to join. So that was a bit unbelievable. So was breaking up the team 🙁

Oh well, another Aussie drama, although at times it was more comedy, and yes, it was quite funny has disappeared of our screens. If you want to check out the finale check out youtube. I’m still sad 🙁





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