TRAVEL STYLE: My Top Ten Travel Dos

Here are my top ten dos for travelling!
1 – DO take a bar of laundry soap for washing your clothes unless you know your hotel has a cleaning service. Keep it in a normal soap container.
2 – DO take a small rope clothes line and some pegs. You may be able to hang the line in the bathroom or across your room to dry small clothes.
3 – DO take a few spare coat hangers for hanging washing; fold up ones if you can find them. Use plastic if possible and then the crappy metal ones won’t get you into trouble on a flight or passing through an airport. And they hang your clothes better.
4 – DO take a waterproof or sealable bag to pack your washing goods in and then they won’t make a mess in your luggage.
5 – DO wash clothes when staying longer than two nights. Wash them the first afternoon or evening and then they have a good 24 hours to dry before you have to repack them.
6 – DO take wash and wear lightweight clothes.
7 – DO take a small sewing kit for sewing up holes, hems and buttons.
8 – DO take some cutlery. If you are going by car or bus, you may get away with metal, if not, plastic knife, fork and spoon as you never know when you need to eat. Add a tea towel, plate and or bowl along with some plastic travel cups. In fact, if you can find a travel kitchen set, grab it and pack it.
9 – DO take any medications on board with you, in a plastic zip bag is usually the way airports like it. And apparently in some countries, you also need either the original prescriptions or photocopies. So check in with the country you’re going to, also check with the airport.
10 – DO take some spare clothes, underwear and toiletries in your cabin or overnight bag or backpack on the plane or bus, or in a small bag in a car, just in case you end up being delayed, need to change, or stay the night somewhere.
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