The last My Favourite Things for 2010! – Sistema containers!

Yes peeps, it’s the last My Fave Things for the year, unless I get something fucking fantastic for Christmas, which I doubt, I will not be posting anything next week.

At all! Unless there’s something to bitch about.

But for this week, it’s a brand called Sistema, they make lunchboxes. Now while I don’t need lunchboxes, they do make groovy containers for other things, and all of the stickers easily peel off and leave no sticky shit behind.

I bought three irridescent turquoise blue ones like those in the pic directly below in three different sizes, and they all fit into each other for easy storage when empty. Today, I found a pencil case in the same colour. They look good, come in all sorts of colours, shapes and styles, and can by used for ANYTHING!

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