THE BUSINESS OVERHAUL: Planning Your Business


Whenever you go into a business it’s important to research and plan.

Sadly, I did not do this when I went gung-ho into the jewellery business, or even when I switched over to WordPress from Blogger. And I suppose the only good thing about WP over Blogger is that we own the site whereas Blogger can remove your blog at any time. But if you know how, you can add similar widgets on Blogger to look like WordPress.

Back in 2008 I dove into getting pictures of my jewellery taken, setting up a website and launching head first into a business. I didn’t even stop to think about researching anything and so, I wasted a tonne of money and have regrets.

The things I would change are these –

1 – In 2009 I set up a Blogger blog for Jewel Divas but didn’t sell from it, it was horrible and boring, and wasn’t anywhere on the Jewel Divas website that I ended up spending about $2800 on. That’s my first regret. Spending money on a person who screwed me over. Then spending money on business cards that were childish, then wasting money on another company to get a website set up when the first one was ballsed up.

That whole lot was a mess, and if I had known about another place to sell I would have been there instead.

2 – Moving this blog to WordPress instead of setting up a website for Jewel Divas and linking this blog to that. It costs me money every month and most of my monthly expenses are hosting as I migrated all of my domains over to the one company. Good idea, just expensive. Although my last hosting companies were pissing away my money too so I guess it’s going to happen.

3 – Not doing enough research and waiting. I jump gung-ho into every idea I have. At least I have learnt, for the most part, to jump on Google and check stuff out. I also prefer free instead of expensive.

This is why it’s important to get the research done first, so you will not waste money and time on idiots who just want to take your money. I suppose the good thing about making mistakes is that you never make them again, for the most part, as sometimes you get taken for a ride without knowing it.

The funny thing about the first person who did the original Jewel Divas bits and pieces, is that she wasted my time asking for a payment but didn’t tell me how much to pay. When she did she had the gall to complain that she didn’t get the full $500 I paid her because PayPal took the fee out of her money. Bitch much! She then charged me $800 for everything after that and then had to gall to try and friend me on Myspace and Facebook. Ugh! Talk about rip off!

So I hope my regrets don’t turn into yours, please do as much research into it as possible before choosing companies to set you up. You really don’t want to waste money you don’t have.

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