STYLE NOTES: Yoobi, Kikki K, Happy Planners and Other Stuff

Catching up with all goodies in stationery that I’ve bought over the last few months.


I bought some Happy Planner note books off eBay as they were older ones. The left is classic size and the right is a smaller size notebook. The rough conversion made them $35AUD each.


Here’s some of the inside dividers. They also came with stickers and note folders.


Now if you think the smaller “Pencil it In” notebook looks familiar it’s because it matches the classic style planner I bought a year or so ago. I wanted a matching pair. 


I also bought the pink leather Kikki K folio off ebay. It’s got gold dots on the spine and a notebook inside. It was $44.55.


I bought these Fashionary postcard books from Bookdepository, and two small Michael’s Recollections planners from ebay for $37.47 AUD each.


Managed to get this gorgeous Yoobi organiser from ebay for $35.92AUD. Plain pink on the inside, there is a smaller matching pencil holder, so I’m after that to match.


This awesome cat folder/notebook from Kmart for $5


Onto other things, I bought this Kikki K trinket box (it’s small) from the letters range for $14.80AUD. And another rainbow pencil holder from Typo for $10AUD.


Well that’s it for now. I’m a massive stationery collector as the many posts over the years can attest to, so there will be more to come as I collect some of the current Happy Planners out now. Just gotta wait for them to come to Aus.


What collection have you guys added to lately?


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    1. Jewel Divas Style April 7, 2020 at 12:17 pm

      If it’s one thing I do well, Tote, it’s collect stationery!


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