RSL ART UNION: Draw 358 is closing soon!

The RSL Art Union is back with a choice!

Either an apartment in Sydney, or a house on the Gold Coast WITH an extra $555,000 in gold bullion.

You know which one I’ll pick, Gold Coast, of course, and then I’ll sell it because of its utterly useless waste of space in every room. I really don’t understand the architects of these houses, and how they can waste so much space or design rooms that have no function, like putting a brick wall in the glass wall facing the pool in the master. Oi! And the master wardrobes/closets are never that good. Seriously, a girl wants a closet!!!!! The layout is all wrong and ridiculous, and you can’t get into the house from the garage. Not good RSL. Try asking a woman to design these houses for once.

As usual, fully furnished, heat and air conditioning, rates paid for for the first year etc, the Gold Coast also has a pool!.

Get your tickets at the RSL Art Union website today!







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  1. Nilam August 29, 2018 at 5:58 am

    Wow! This is for me!


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