Cleo magazine had an article last year titled – MEN, SEX & YOU…..and all those akward complications inbetween. So I’m stealing the story to give to you.

The story was – ”Being single has plenty of joys, namely eating chocolate brownie icecream for dinner without disapproving looks etc. But the most annoying things are when well meaning people constantly stick their noses into your personal business. No one feels the need to ask coupled-up women why they’re still together with their beau, so why is it perfectly fine to ask single girls why they’re still alone? While it may come from a place of love (Jewels here – I disagree), it can be frustrating as heck.”

So they put together a list of the best snarky comebacks to the most maddening questions solo girls have to put up with.

Question – why aren’t you married yet?
Answer – I’d rather be happily single that unhappily married!

Question – I bet you’re just too fussy!
Answer – Indeed!!!! I’m sure the answer to all my problems is to lower my standards and go out with a loser!!!

Question – How long have you been single for now?
Answer – Still not long enough to find that question any less irritating!!!

Question – Don’t worry, you probably just haven’t met the right man yet!
Answer – Don’t you worry. I’m having plenty of fun looking!

Question – You won’t find someone until you stop looking!
Answer – Perhaps I should get two red hot pokers and shove them into my eyes, shall I? That will surely make me so much more attractive to the menfolk.

Question – I’m sure men are just intimidated by your success / beauty / intelligence / biting wit.
Answer – Obviously this is my fault for being too good! I’m always turning down guys for being too successful, hot, smart and funny.

So that’s my quotes for this week, copy and paste them so you can use them in the future on your snarky, intrusive rellies!



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