Plans and Achievements for 2022


I’ll be discussing what I have already achieved and what I want to achieve in this post as there’s so much to talk about.


Here’s what I have ALREADY achieved this year…

I decided first and foremost this year to delete mega tonnes of social media accounts. Starting with…

– 1 – The four social media accounts of Jewel Divas. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest were all deleted by January 31st. The only thing left of Jewel Divas is the webstore which has been closed since January 2016. And anyone who followed Jewel Divas can follow Jewel Divas Style instead.

– 2 – I set up the “Jewel Divas – The Jewellery Label” page (top right menu) so you can see every piece I made for the business. I actually haven’t made anything to sell since 2014 and rarely make for myself anymore. I also uploaded all of the jewellery pics to boards on the JDS and TK Pinterest accounts.

– 3 – I deleted the L.J. Diva and T.K. Wrathbone Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts are private and silent, except for the odd blog post going out, but I’m seriously considering deleting them as well. If it wasn’t for #bookstagram, and the fact Jackie Collins follows me on Insta under L.J. Diva, I would. That means that everything from the LJD and TKW Pinterest boards were uploaded to both the RSP and TK Pinterest accounts.

– 4 – I made the decision to stop doing the once a month posts dealing with what’s been done and what’s going to be done on LJD and TKW The bare minimum will go out through the year, especially any concerning book releases.

– 5 – I deleted the newsletters for LJD, and TKW from their websites, which meant I had to delete the newsletter from all of the books, redo the interior back matter on 51 e-books and 74 print versions, and re-upload them. God, the time wasted… It took two days with re-uploading, but over a week with the back matter updating. I still have some uploading to do as it’s going to cost money, so B.U.D.G.ET!

– 6 – I re-organised business paperwork, folders, and payments, etc. Did paperwork, re-did paperwork, shredded paperwork…

– 7 – I updated the bios and timelines for TK, JDS, LJD, TKW and RSP.

– 8 – I organised all of the pictures for my blog posts for the next month.

– 9 – I gave my laptop an almighty clean out in December and finally deleted over 2100 files in early January. The cleanout continued as I made the decisions about socials and what to keep and what not to keep, and I deleted another rough 2000 files throughout January.

– 10 – I did the first two steps in setting up the new laptop as there was a lot to download and get used to. Still have other things to set up.

– 11 – I started writing a new novel. No pressure this time.

– 12 – Scheduled February’s blog posts.

– 13 – I read 18 novels, multiple other books, had various clean outs, did my yearly clothing/access audit, shopped, bought, did stuff.

– 14 – I’d sorted out a social media posting schedule a couple of years ago, but I’ve changed that this year with the deletion of many social media accounts. So the new schedule will only be for Tiara King, Jewel Divas Style, and Royal Star Publishing. SO.MUCH.EASIER!


Here’s what I want to achieve…



– 1 – My weight is still an issue, and working out at the gym didn’t work (while it was great, it became mentally and creatively stifling), nor does eating very little, so it looks like I’ll be looking at other measures to help out.

– 2 – My nail issues are still not sorted. Three years this year I’ve been dealing with the psoriasis in my nails but they’re just getting worse. The pills for it are great though; they’ve stopped my arthritic pain by about 90%

– 3 – There are days I’m not as angry, so my anger is still an issue, but it’s directed at multiple people and I’m one of them, so I need to get shit sorted. And even though I say that year after year, it won’t happen unless the universe does something.

– 4 – The dreaded “supposed” monthly visitor is mostly under my control but I’m still having issues.

– 5 – I thought of getting a dog a couple of years ago, and even though I’d still love one, I still can’t afford one. But who knows what 2022 might bring…

– 6 – Be off the internet by 10:30, or earlier, most nights for time out. I took Friday nights off last winter to veg out in front of the TV and heater, and even though it helped a lot, I also found myself quite lethargic over the weekends. But then I was quite lethargic throughout winter in general and figured it was from the heaters, or a lack of vitamin D. Maybe both. I do know that rain and clouds tends to make me want to veg out, so maybe Vit D over winter will help this year. I did get to potter around occasionally.



– 1 – I’m still trying to save more each fortnight and keep the credit card to a monthly limit, but spending can be so wonderful…Nancy Drews…folios…Sassoodles…

– 2 – Finish off old business costs and get them done with. But then there are more business bills to come along with book releases. So yeah, sucks to be me needing money…



– 1 –The Jewel Divas website will never be up and running again. It was something I wished for every year due to the amount of items I have for sale, but over xmas I realised that even if I moved and found people to come to jewellery parties to sell the stuff off, I’d probably never make anything to sell again. So the business has come to an end and the jewellery will be sold off at some point in the future.

– 2 – I do still need to restring all of my bracelet stacks with new elastic as many are breaking. So floss is on its way.


So that’s part 1 of my plans for the year. Next up is the yearly bullet point list, without the bullets.


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