PLANNER MONTH WRAP UP: My Planners and New Book Shelves

In the last two months you have seen my fairly new planner collection, and now I’m going to show you what I did for them, and my new bookshelves that I got just after Christmas, and set up just after new year. It’s taken awhile to get them how I want them, mainly due to all of the planners coming in. I also had to shift down the top shelves so I could line the planners up and move the pink box over to the left shelf.

Here was my planner shelf, before, followed by the back layer of Happy Planner covers and Kikki K and Webster’s boxes, and then the front row of planners consisting of my Websters Color Crush, 3 Recollections, 2 Kikki Ks, Kmart compendium, and mini Happy Planners and half page books.


Now, onto the rest of my shelves from the top down. Here are my books under all three names, copies and proofs, plus some little marquee lights and behind are my extra folios. In the middle are two sunglasses cases.


Top Shelves – The next two shelves are the top two – glitter boxes and pencil cases on the left and planners on the right.

Bottom Shelves – All writing folios and notebooks on the left – business folders and pen holders on the right.


Next two shelves

Top Shelves – extra folders and paperwork container on the left – business folders and paperwork container on the right.

Bottom Shelves – Two computers and iPad with cords on the left – computer and mousepad on the right.


Bottom shelves

Top shelves – coloured manuscript boxes on the left – tax and business folders, with shredder on right.

Bottom shelves – computer bags and extra containers on the left, six Sistema containers of business and planner goods. The container is full of paper from my notebooks, and the shoe box is all the goodies to make my goals/travel journal. It will be emptied eventually.


And there you have it. The end of planner month that went for about two months, lol, and my bookshelves that I’ve finally gotten around to showing off. They’re from the Tailor range at Fantastic Furniture for $139 each.

As for the planner collection, oi, thousands…


And never fear, there are more planners on the way…


So, what have you guys recently become addicted to?


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