PLANNER MONTH: MAMBI’S The Happy Planner Part 5

While sorting out which planner I was going to use, and “frankenplanning” it, I found that I preferred the Trendsetter planners over the Glam Girls. Nothing wrong with that, I had planned to use a bit of everything from the four of them, but found myself not wanting most of the Glam Girl line. So, I put put together other things, such as this Glam Girl notepaper book.

I added the ‘glam is my jam’ bookmark, and large pink and blue discs. The paper is all of the classic sized that I bought, from the kisses, to the ‘get it done’ pages.


But then I got to thinking, and shopping, and needed another set of discs, and then a cover, so bought the matching cover and rose gold discs to go with the Glam Girl cover.


I pulled the paper planner apart, added the rose gold discs instead, and slid it into the rose cover. I hate the orange inside, but for $10US on sale, who cares.


So then I had all the other leftovers…and wasn’t sure what to do with them as I had planned on using the green cover…


I put the pink and blue discs on it and put the leftover Trendsetter and Glam Girl planners into it, along with the pockets dividers, and slid it into the green deluxe cover…


So now, I have two deluxe covered planners of paper and leftovers, which will be used each year, as I’ll still use the diary section and just add new numbers. I don’t want to waste them since they cost so much, and I thank god the covers can be reused.


Gotta love a good paper planner…I can do so much with it.


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