PLANNER MONTH: MAMBI’S The Happy Planner Part 3

When it came time to pull everything out of its packet and start sorting through it all, one thing became clear. That all of the paper I had bought was not going to fit into the planner I was setting up for myself. And when it came to the half sheets, there was no way they could go with the full sheets. So, after looking at the dashboards for the classic planners, I decided to use one from the Trendsetter line, and one from the Glam Girl line, as covers for the half sheet books I made.



Using the pink medium rings that came from the planners I pulled apart, I was able to make these two sets of half sheets. Trendsetter on the left, Glam Girl on the right. I placed the matching sticky notes at the back of the book. Each book contains two sets of sheets, each set is 60 pages. That’s 120 pages, plus sticky notes on medium rings with a dashboard cover and …


the back is from the planners. I kept all of the cardboard that came off the items, knowing they could come in handy to re-use or cut out. They were already punched, are white on the inside, but refer to the line on the back.  Perfectly fine to use and the right size.


With the sticker books, I found that they fit perfectly into the plastic box that the classic deluxe covers came in. It keeps them neat and tidy. I can get 10-12 in here with the rest of the card covers from the other items.


I guess that’s one of the good things with the Happy Planner goodies, you can move them around and make new note packs, planners, or covers from bits and pieces. Just beware, the more you pull items like the dividers and pockets inserts in an out, they will rip.


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