People are not eccentric. You just have the inability to think outside of the box.

I get a bit sick and tired of hearing people called eccentric.
What the hell does eccentric even mean?
I consider myself a little eccentric, a little crazy. So what, who cares!
People who are more eccentric than me are not crazy or eccentric. They just have an inability to think outside of the box, and because you can’t that means you just don’t get people who can. People who come up with what seem to be crazy, insane ideas that actually do work. And of it wasn’t for those eccentric, crazy insane people we wouldn’t have electricity, phones, cars, the wheel, houses, jobs, careers, planes, boats, bikes, etc, etc, etc.
Without those “eccentric” people we would have nothing. So the next time you want to insult and criticise those “eccentric” people think about how you’d like to be insulted that way, think about all the things you come to think of as “normal” everyday things and thank them instead.

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