So as you would know, this year I have spruced up this blog, changed its name and layout and decided to go down a style path.
Yes, I will still post My Personal Collection pics, but since I’m running out of jewellery, it will be onto clothes, accessories and other stuff around the house next.
So, here’s going to be the run down of a week.
Monday – My Style: What I wore
Tuesday – Lust Haves / Things I Love
Wednesday – HOW TO / Style Failures
Thursday – Things I want to do / Places I want to go
Friday – My Personal Collection – clothes/jewellery/stationery/stuff I have
Of course there could come a time I end up not posting every day because I could run out of things to post about, but I’ll do my best.
So since today is Monday, here’s what I wore last week, and the rest of my pics that I’ve posted via Instagram that you may not have seen yet. As of next week I’ll do details of the outfit as well.
Electric blue ocean
wild pink animal
sleuthing like Nancy Drew
Channeling Marilyn
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
Blue floral
Multi coloured Harmony
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