MY STYLE: Walk Like an Egyptian


TOP: Ebay, for $30, originally from a chain store called Autograph in 2014. I only saw it twice last year and wanted it, but $40 was a bit too much then and I waited for it to be reduced. Of course what happens then is that they sell out and I don’t get one. I’ve scoured eBay this year to find one and did. It needs taking in, as many of my tops do, and looks like I’ll be doing some sewing over my summer break.

PANTS: Millers, $18, from 2014

SANDALS: Spendless Shoes, $30, from 2014

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas Egyptian set (neck, ear, all bracelets, charm ring), Lovisa (other rings)

JDS - MY STYLE 2015.48

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