MY STYLE: Silver Zebra print

It was just the one day out last week, with nurses and blood ladies down to twice a week I had two days to get work done and then everything else had to be done on Thursday. Shopping, library, bills, anything else. It can get busy on a Thursday and I’m always left buggered at the end of the day. This week there’s three days of doctors so stay tuned next week for the outfits.

I told the story last week of the guy in the bank asking why I hadn’t matched the colour of my jewellery to the colour of my top, well last week the lady in the post office said my jewellery (below) was a little demure, I said yeah, it’s a little plain, she said well I didn’t mean plain (hell what did she mean? like I wasn’t going to be offended in some way shape or form), so I told her the story of the guy in the bank.

Geez, people take note, don’t they. Can’t try anything different unless you’re pulled up on it.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.53

TOP: Valley Girl, from 2010, $10

JACKET: Millers, from 2104, $25

JEANS: usual Kmart ones

SHOES: Rivers, from about 6-7 years ago, $10. Gotta love a brogue, and these were cheap and my size, so I grabbed three pairs. Haven’t worn them in ages though as I’ve been living in boots through winter and sandals through summer.

JEWELLERY: all bracelets and right hand ring eBay, earrings, pendant necklace and left hand ring from chain stores, black bead necklace bought on eBay put together by me.


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