MY STYLE: September Style

September’s been a weird month. Winter coming into spring, cold coming into warmth. We had freezing cold days, we had warm days. But, as usual, it was generally one day out a week and/or doctor’s appointments. 


OUTFIT #1 – Mum’s hospital visit

TSHIRT: Granny Mays from back in the 90s. X-files tshirt, $32

PANTS: Kmart blues

SHOES: Spendless Shoes boots

JEWELLERY: Market bought star earrings, $11, from very early 90s.


OUTFIT #2 – Shopping, Library

TOP: Kmart from 2014, $10

JACKET: eBay from 2009, $23

PANTS: Kmart blues

SHOES: Naturalizer boots, $200

JEWELLERY: Mish mash of Jewel Divas jewels (geisha necklace and bead bracelet stack, Lovisa (earrings, rings) and eBay (bangle), Chic Lemon (boot necklace)


OUTFIT #3 – Shopping, Library

TOP: Crossroad from 2014, $24.95 (one of the last items of black clothing i bought)

JACKET: op shop, $10.25. (first time I wore it and it went in the bin afterwards. More on that on Monday the 16th)

PANTS: Kmart blue jeans

SHOES: Black Spendless Boots

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas pineapple set. I made it to go with the top. 


OUTFITS #4 & 6 – doctor visits

TOPS: Left – Kermit top from Granny Mays in the 90s. Right – Millers from 2015 for $5

PANTS: Left – Kmart blues. Right – Millers from a few years ago

SHOES: Left – Spendless boots. Right – Frankie 4’s Ellie sneakers


OUTFIT #5 – Shopping, Library

TOP: Crossroads from 2014 for $15

PANTS: Kmart blue jeans

SHOES: Spendless black boots

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas (bead bracelet stack, long ,multi necklace), Lovisa (earrings, single bead necklace, deco ring) Colette (white ring), Ice (bangle)


OUTFIT #7 – Shopping, Library, Chiro

TOP: Big W from 2004 for $17.93

JACKET: Op shop, from the 90s, free.

PANTS: Kmart blue jeants

SHOES: Black suede boots bought from mum

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas crystal set (earrings necklace), eBay (rings and bracelets)

What have you guys been wearing in the last month?


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