MY STYLE: February’s Style

This is February’s Style.

The outfits I wore in the month of Feb. It seems to be a monthly thing now as there’s some other posts I want to get out this year and my outfits are, so far, coming once a month. The good thing about doing outfit posts and taking pics, is you get to see what does and doesn’t work on your body shape or skin tone. Not that I’m going to throw clothes out because they don’t quite look right, I’ll just wear them another way. And while I’m in the process of losing weight, I really need to stand straighter…and smile more…

And I want to preface this post by saying all of these clothes, and all I wear, are mine and not “gifted” except by me to me…



TOP: Millers from 2012, for $16.95

PANTS: Millers from 2016 for $15.

SHOES: Spendless Shoes as above.

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas A Summer Bardot jewellery set (with ebay bought earrings), Ebay bracelet stack, bangle and ring right arm, Equip ring left hand.



TOP: Left palm tree top Millers from 2015 for $5

TOP: Middle New York top, Millers from 2015 for $5. In fact, I bought both these tops the same day.

PANTS: Millers from 2014. This whole outfit has become a go-to for running to doctors and hospitals.

SHOES: Frankie 4 from 2016

JEWELLERY: eBay bangle and Lovisa earrings.


OUTFIT #3 – SHOPPING, LIBRARY, worn inbetween the two above and it was way too hot to wear anything more.

TOP: Kmart sequin tank from 2012, $12

PANTS: Millers from 2016, $18

SHOES: Django & Juliette from 2016, $120

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas bracelets, Lovisa earrings



TOP: Kmart crystal from 2014, $5. Bought a pink one and a black one at the same time.

SKIRT: 20 YEARS OLD!!!!! That’s how long I keep something that looks good!!! I bought this in 1997 in a town called Mildura when we went there for a line dancing weekend. It was $20 and was actually a sarong, but I stitched it up and put in elastic. Voila, a skirt.

SHOES: Django & Juliette Igloos as above.

JEWELLERY: Mix of jewels here. I made the necklace out of four separate ones, Lovisa earrings, Equip and Gloss rings, Diva cuff, eBay bracelet.



TANK: the white tank came with another top as a set.

KAFTAN TOP: Millers from 2014. I paid the full price of $35 because it was new, I loved it and wanted it. I rarely pay full price but on the odd occasion I do if I want something and it’s a reasonable price.

PANTS: Millers from 2014, $15

SHOES: Django & Juliette as above. Had a good run over summer.

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas Parrot Set, eBay earrings and rings.


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