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Not much to do this week, running around wise, lots of visitors for mum as usual, and only two appointments for me one after the other on Thursday. I ran from the doctors to the chiro. I then ran to the chemist then the bank where the guy behind the counter commented that I hadn’t co-ordinated my jewellery with my clothes this week because normally I do.

I nearly laughed, I had a green watch on, but I was actually matching the panthers to the studs ON the top instead of my jewellery to the colour. The girl behind the other counter laughed and asked if he was giving out fashion advice now. What a weird conversation to have with a guy, but then, I have lived here for nearly 22 years, moved in the day the shopping centre opened, so everyone who’s here knows how I dress.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.51

TOP: Millers, from 2014, $5 on sale, bargain!

JEANS: Kmart, normal ones

BOOTS: My blue suede which you will see in more detail in Thursday’s post.

JEWELLERY: left hand bangles from chain stores, all panthers from ebay, I made the earrings. There is a brooch that goes with this but I don’t wear them any more.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.52

TOP: op shop in 2003, it was free. I used my glitter paint to outline the fish to make them stand out. Then I made a jewellery set to go with the top. Didn’t wear it as I was just running up to the shop to post some stuff off.

JEANS: Kmart, $7, several years old, as above

BOOTS: Blue suede, more details on Thursday.


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    1. Jewel Divas Style August 1, 2016 at 1:51 pm

      lol I didn’t see it as a mistake though, I was just matching it to the studs on the top.


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