My Personal Collection: Silver jewellery

This is my Silver jewellery part 2!

I made this crystal necklace over easter from a bundle of beads I had sitting around and some crystal bits and bobs from an ebay bulk lot.

I bought this necklace from a Goodwill. It caught my eye and was hoping it wouldn’t be expensive. I asked to have a look at it and asked how much. She said $3. I bought it. And it’s so long I cut the chain off in the pic.

Three necklaces. On the left a Trifari from an ebay bulk lot about 4 years ago. The fan is a chain store bargain and I added the chains. And the big chain came from Goodwill for $2!

I love these. I originally had them as two sets but I didn’t wear either of them so I put them together and shortened one necklace and lengthened the other. I pulled apart one pair of earrings and added the bits to the necklaces. The pieces and chain are old fashioned looking and gorgeous.

My teddy bears. I bought some necklaces many a year ago which were big thick chains with 5 bears each. I’ve sinced turned them into many things. A pair of earrings with stones, a brooch and a necklace. The small pendant on the left is real silver and he’s holding a pink heart zirconia. The top bracelet is a real silver charm bracelet and the bear on the end is holding a gold heart. An the bracelet on the bottom is one I put together from charms and chain.

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