My Personal Collection: Red jewellery

Today is the rest of my Red jewellery.

Leaf earrings which I made.

A crackle bead and gold bead cap set I just made over easter.
I also made this bead necklace over easter.
I also made this robot necklace. I made a tonne of these for myself in all colours.

Cowgirl earrings which I painted red.

Bought the bead necklace on the left and the heel at chain stores. I made the bead in the middle.

The back of the heel necklace.

Made this set from pieces in that big bundle of bits n pieces I bought years ago.

This love heart set is from all over. Bought the brooches from cheap stores for $2 each. Made the earrings, the two middle bracelets and the necklace in the middle, all from charms I bought off ebay. Although the heart charm is actual gold and garnet. The big bead necklace I bought but have since remade, and the big heart I bought from a chain store. The bracelet on the far left I bought from a cheap store and the fourth (from left) I bought off ebay which I absolutely love!

This floral set is from all over as well. The top and bottom bracelets came from ebay. The middle from a clothing store. Made the necklace and earrings and bought the rings from various stores. Not sure I still want this. I only made it to go with the top that you’ll see in the next post.

Silver love heart set. Bought the necklace from a chain store and added the chains and beads. Made all three bracelets and the earrings from charms bought on ebay. The heart studs are sterling silver, garnet and zirconia. The rings are bought from chain stores each under $5.

My xmas set. The necklace came from an op shop and I remade it. Made the gold necklace, again, from the big bulk lot I bought on ebay. Bought the earrings, which light up, from a cheap store and bought the bracelet from ebay. The brooches came from cheap stores as well.

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