MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Purple and Orange jewellery

I bought this rock ring for $6. So cool!
Over easter I took these bracelets…
and made this 7 piece Indigo skull bracelet stack. In the style and colour world it’s known as analogues as the colours are next to each other on the spectrum. Blue, blue/purple, purple
as for the orange, I added the skulls to this bracelet,
 and added a few turquoise, rhinestone, and spike bracelets to make my ORY stack (orange/red/yellow)  analogues colours

I also took my very plain and boring Apricot heart set
added my gold heart set
and beefed up the apricot set by adding the heart necklace to the apricot necklace and getting another gold heart neck from another set and attaching it to the bead bracelets
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