MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New Pink and Red clothes, jewels and accessories

Before xmas every year I like to stock up on bargains for the house. Simple tank tops and shorts that will get me through the next summer or two. 

Below left: Kmart tank, $6. Middle: Kmart silver print Aztec tank, $6. Left: Best & Less rose pink studded tank which my sister bought me for xmas.

JDS - PINK CLOTHESI also love sparkly tops and managed to find some for me to wear every xmas instead of just my xmas tanks.

Below left: Kmart, $10, crystal stones on front. Right: Millers “All I want for xmas is diamonds” top, which was already on sale and a further 30% off from that made it $5.60. God, bargain city! Ant the currant sequinned treasure, a soft red tank from Kmart for $10.

Now onto the good stuff. Jewellery.

The gorgeous pink earrings are from Lovisa, on sale for $5. The ring came from a clothing store for $2.95 in the xmas sales. I made the bracelet set because I didn’t have enough pink and blue jewellery, lol, costing me $4.02. God, cheap! The AH.MAZE.ING Pegasus brooch I purchased on eBay for $14.11. I have a tonne of brooches from years ago and rarely buy or wear them now, but this one got my attention and I just had to have it.


My red jewels are also xmas jewels but ones I made. A simple bracelet stack where I made one long string of beads which can me worn as either a necklace or bracelet doubled over four times. I love these beads and they make for some great xmas bling. Total cost, $4.18.


I also managed to obtain the most amazing pink leather cowboy boots, brand new, never worn (just tried on I think) from an op shop for $49.25. They are pink, my size and fit perfectly, how’s that for a score! I bought the Katy Perry velvet bag that came free with the Killer Queen 100ml bottles for $6.25 the same time as the boots. I had originally gotten the 50ml bottle with the free purse so now I have the set.


This is how I styled my boots. With my line dancing galah fringed shirt and black sequinned skirt.


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