MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New black, white and brown jewellery

These are the gorgeous jewels I’ve bought, made or remade this year in black, white and brown.

The two necklaces came from Lovisa, the crystal on the left was $9, the black and white was $7. The earrings were $7 from Lovisa and the silver pearl bracelet was $3.33 from Lovisa. The bracelet stack top right I made from a Colette howlite stack of 5 bracelets and a pearl necklace I had that I had never worn.


I got these earrings, also from Lovisa (I buy so much from there), for $10. I have a yellow pair I got early this year but when there’s a sale on, you don’t say no.


I already had my Cameo set but wanted another necklace as the chain pendant one wasn’t enough for me. I tracked down this multi row cameo on ebay for $6.99.


I was after some black bead necklaces and found some brown ones from the same eBay seller. They are actually two necklaces I simply joined together to add bulk. Two brown into one and two black into one. I prefer bulky jewels these days as small, fine pieces can get lost on me and simple pieces are way too simple. I like big, chunky, bulky.

The brown necklace is quite nice and the stones come through in the sun.


I really need to stop buying but there are so many pretty things to look at, and see, and try on, and buy….Ugh, I’m not sure I want to see how many pieces I have at the end of the year when I do my audit. Probably be hitting 2000 pieces as I was over 1700 last christmas.

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