MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New Black clothes and Gold Multi coloured jewels

These black tops I managed to score before/during/after xmas, considering the theme of two of them. All are from Millers, of course, and all were under $16.80. They are lightweight and have some stretch and perfect for warm to hot days.

Crystal tank for $10. Owl $16.80. Rudolph and the xmas tree weren’t available in my local store before xmas so as a member and follower on Facebook I saw that they had after xmas sales on and the tops had been marked down to $8 each. PLUS Millers was offering 30% off ALL items and that made these two tops $5.60 each. Yep, $5.60, how much of a freakin bargain is that!!!!! Rudolph is studded while the owl and tree are silver and gold foil print.


Now, I bought the AH.MAZE.ING necklace on the left on ebay in November for $23.63 and wore it several times over xmas. I didn’t realise until after I’d worn it that there was an extra blue piece down the bottom and that put the necklace out of balance so I removed it.

The set on the right I bought the earrings first, although I should say, I got them for free with some sale that was going on. I later found the necklace in another store and got it for $12. Still haven’t worn them so I should find something to match to them being neon they will work well over summer. I LOVE my bargains!


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