MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: My latest Winter Clothing Bargains


Thanks to buying mostly kaftans this year I have bought very few pieces of winter clothing. Now while I do need a few more long sleeved tops to wear, I haven’t been able to find many. Here are the bargains I have bought.


Both of these striped glitter tops are from Kmart, on sale for $7 each. They’re see-through so a tank underneath is essential.


I found this fluffy pink letterman hoodie jacket in a discount chain called Cheap As Chips for $20.  They had other colours but no turquoise, so pink was it.

I bought this gorgeous multi coloured wrap on eBay for $48.98. I love the colours, the pattern, the length, it’s perfect and so in season at the moment.


Now I did vow to NOT buy black tops this year UNLESS they were embellished. The peacock one came from Millers, as usual, and was on sale for $10.50. I love the fact that I already have jewellery sets to go with these tops as it means I don’t have to make them as I’ve been doing this year.

The Egyptian top came from eBay last month, but it originally came from a chain store called Autograph. Generally for bigger girls it’s an 18 but too big, so I’ll be taking it in. I had seen these last year but was unable to get one. The print may be gold but I think my multi Egyptian set will be fine with it.

God I love finding bargains. The good thing about buying most of your clothes on the cheap is that it means you can put a bit more money into higher priced articles you want, like Dr Martens boots or Camilla kaftans in my case. 

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