MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Late summer and early winter bargains

Here in late Feb there are bargains to be had as stores churn out leftover stock in preparedness for the winter onslaught of woolies and knitwear.

I live behind a Kmart store in my local centre and am constantly finding bargains, such as tops for $1, $3, $5 and jeans for $8 which I found last year.

I also shop a lot in Millers and have bought my kaftan tops from there. Here’s my bargains from the last few months.

1. – Blue top from Kmart for $5. -|- 2. – Kaftan from Millers for $12 -|- 3. – Gemstone top from Kmart for $10 -|- 4. – Swirl over blouse from Millers for $18 -|- 5. – Skull tank from Ice designs for $13.


6. & 7. – Kaftan tops from Millers for $18 -|- 8. – Over blouse from Millers for $8 -|- 9. – Top from Kmart for $3, yep, $3!


10. – Top from Kmart for $3 (I bought 2) -|- 11. – Actually a magenta top (but came out red on my brand new camera, argh!) from Kmart for $8 -|- 12. – Metallic printed top from Best and Less for $12 -|- 13. – brand new woolie lips jumper from Kmart for $20. The sleeves are really long.


I can’t wait to wear my lips jumper over winter but am quite liking the weather we’ve been having. Averaging 25 degree celcius every day it’s a damn sight better than the 45 degree celcius we were getting everyday for weeks on end.

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