My Personal Collection: Grey jewellery

Today is my Grey jewellery day. I don’t have much, like a lot of other colours.
My mouse necklace. I got this with the girl mouse I posted about in the last week or so off ebay.
This is my pearl set. I bought the necklace from a chain store many years ago and changed it to add the bottom bits. The top bracelets I made and the third I bought from a chain store. The rings are from chain stores and I made the earrings. I’m in the process of remaking this set. I’m looking to add more rings, bracelets and another necklace. Since it’s my only silver Grey set.
I also added this bracelet to the set since it was advertised as black but is actually grey marble, so it goes well with it.

And this is my Samantha Wills bracelet I bought from an online store.

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