My Personal Collection: Gold Multi jewellery

Today are my gold multi sets. I have so many there will be two posts. I love matching necklaces to earrings, to rings, to bracelets. Sometimes I can start with one piece of jewellery and just have to find other matching bits and pieces.

This is my Gambling set. I found the necklace at a chain store, the brooch at a cheap store and the earrings at a shopping centre booth.

My flower set. The earrings and ring (which I LOVE) came from chain stores, I made the bracelet and got the necklace from Kmart and added the extra beads and charms.

My fashion set came from all over. The bracelet and necklace on the right were from ebay (the necklace WAS a bracelet which I turned into the necklace), I made the earrings from extra charms. The lips and bottom left bracelet came from clothing chain stores and the ring from ebay, but it’s silver and not gold.

My Zoo set which I made from the extra charms left over from my “AFRICAN SAFARI” collection for sale on my website.

My cross set. I made the necklace from charms and chains found at cheap stores. The earrings were from a market but I changed the studs, and the bracelet I’ve remade a dozen times.

My Coat of Arms set. Two gold and two silver bracelets from ebay and walla! earrings, two bracelets and a necklace. The brooch (which I LOVE) came from a cheap store many a year ago for a couple of dollars.

My antique heart set. All made from bits and pieces from a big bulk lot off ebay years ago.

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  1. The Tote Trove June 27, 2011 at 9:11 am

    The jewel tones in the cross collection are really lovely. It’s interesting how you made each piece from different sources and remade the bracelet several times. That’s the fun of jewelry making!


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