My Personal Collection: Gold Multi jewellery

Today is my gold multi jewellery, as in gold base but multi colours. I have a lot so there will be several posts.

Here are my earrings. They both came from my mum and the top ones remind me of dream catchers and they go with the tshirt I painted a big dream catcher on.

Here are five of my bracelets. Top left and bottom right came from chain stores and the other three from ebay.

I LOVE this snake bracelet so much I got one in silver as well. It’s from ebay but I haven’t worn it yet.

I bought this Bastet (Egyptian cat goddess) from ebay. I thought the pendant was alot larger than this but it wasn’t, it was also on a black rubber cord but I made the chains to go with it. 

I bought this frog on a leaf necklace fron ebay UK recently and love it. 

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