MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Denim jackets and how to decorate them

Many a year ago I found this book in Big W (like Wallmart). I was a young teenager and didn’t have any denim jackets at the time although it also has how to decorate skirts and vests as well.

your denims book

I bought some second hand jackets from the op shop, got one from my Dad for my birthday and got mum to help decorate. These are my versions.



This is the denim jacket from my Dad. It was darker once upon a time and I even dyed it but it has still faded in the years since. I pushed in little star studs in the front and have my “don’t worry, be happy” brooch on the front.

cityscape denim front

Here’s the back. It wasn’t easy. I had to do an outline in fabric pencil and then outline and paint it in. I added the garden to the left and painted the seam in iridescent paint. The Copper, Silver and Gold works well together. I used Plaid Fabric Paint.

cityscape denim back

Silk Flower Bouquet

silk flower bouquet

While I didn’t go all out with the bouquet, I did use the basic style for my jacket. A few big flowers that I pulled apart, glued back together and then glued stones into. I used some green paint to draw leaves underneath. Over on the other side I glues stones on the pocket, and mum sewed all the fabric bits on to it.

floral denim frontSince the buttons had rusted, we pulled them out and mum sewed the red fabric on and then I hand sewed on the buttons. The blue ribbon on the cuff was from Sovereign Hill when I was a kid. Mum sewed all the ribbon on the back as well.

floral denim back

I didn’t do the next two but I did use the slightly smaller version in the bouquet jacket above.

gem explosion

I quite like this jacket and would like to do it one day.

navajo sunset

I also bought a second hand blue denim jacket, dyed it pink and added sparkly sew on patches. A couple of funky badges and some small pink and purple stars are glued on as well.

pink denim front

Mum helped me sew on the lightning bolt and fringing on the back.

pink denim back

Don’t remember the last time I wore them, but now that spring is slowly coming, it’s probably time to get them on.

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  1. The Tote Trove September 6, 2013 at 10:04 am

    What a fun book; check out those 1980s hairstyles! Your jackets look great; my favorite is the one with the flowers and rhinestones.

    1. Jewel Divas Style September 6, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      Thanks Tote!

      It’s actually very easy to decorate clothes, especially denim jackets.


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