My Personal Collection: Black jewellery

My silver sets today and they are varied as usual.

This one I bought as a ring and pendant seperately. Back in about 2008 I was buying bead books from America when I was starting out and saw these findings at a website. I wanted to use them and emailed about a price but they were too expensive so I left it. Then designer Samantha Wills did the rings a few years ago so I know where she got it from. Then last year I found the ring on ebay, along with the pendant as clearly others were doing the same thing. This year, Samantha decided to do a necklace as well, costing more than I bought it for, and she also did an asphalt version which isn’t as nice. But here’s my set both cost me less than $50.

My gorgeous star set. The big black and white bracelet I spent two years looking for on ebay but I finally got it. The silver bracelet underneath came from ebay, the chain one I made and the sterling silver one going down beside them I bought from a jewellery shop. The black ring is from a chain store, the silver ring from a market. The two necklaces are from chain stores and I added all the beads to the bottom necklace. The earrings are also from a market and the studs are sterling from a jewellery store. And the band is from an old swatch watch of mine.

And then I found this necklace for $5 and have decided to add it to the set.

This set I’m not sure if I want to keep. I bought the necklace from a chain store years ago and have remade it. I made the earrings and three bead bracelets, bought the ring from a chain store and the top bracelet from ebay. I’m umming and ahhing about it deciding if I should remake, redo, or get rid of it.

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