My Nancy Drew Collection. Part 8

As we are on the 8th post about my Nancy collection, and time is nearing its end, today’s post is going to be about the things I have made, what others have made which I bought, as well as “un”official collectibles I’ve thrown together.

Why is all of this today, well, because the next two posts are nothing BUT official collectibles.

As always, my Pinterest board has ALL of the pics. (LINK HERE)


Here’s what I have made…


Clothing and accessories


Trinket boxes


Christmas set


Halloween set, including the book box to store it in


A gold jewellery set to go with the blue jewellery set


Reversible key rings


Two Scarlet Hands  from series #124 The Secret of the Scarlet Hand


Series #79 The Double Horror of Fenly Place Terror Weekend t-shirt


My Nancy Drew Sleuth kit. I have blogged about this before, but I redid the photos.


Letter Writing sets


Bits and pieces.

There are many more pics on my Pinterest board.

Onto what others have made that I have bought.

A lot of it has come from the Nancy Drew Sleuths, a group of which I’m a longtime member, the rest from eBay.



This is a photo (right) that I bought, and I printed a copy of the 2007 movie flyer (left) and framed them.


Some people are doing colouring books and selling them on Amazon. They’re self published by the authors so probably not legally licensed by S&S, and some of them are better than others. Here’s two of them.


And the latest collectibles, jigsaw puzzles featuring Nancy covers


And now here’s some things I’ve thrown together as collectibles, “un”official, of course, but still alluding to the mysteries.


Nancy’s roadster!


An Indy 500 t-shirt from 1997 which Nancy and George wore in the Supermystery Out of Control.


A play poster


American Girl Molly had a few Nancys


And then the Babysitter’s Club decided to put a Nancy book on their cover.


And an official poster from the Rediscovering Nancy Drew conference in Iowa



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