My mother finally got herself a new car!!!!


Which may seem like nothing, but considering I’m her carer and I’ve been on at her for more than five years about updating the car so she was able to get in and out easier, not to mention it would be better for me to get in and out and then to get her in and out, she just never listened.


The Camry that’s in the yard is 25 years old and we’ve had it for 15, so it was already 10 when we bought it. The Suzuki Grand Vitara Navigator is 2015, brand new and off the boat the day we bought it.

It has everything you could want, we particularly need decent seats for our back issues, lots of high head room, leg room and drink holders. All of which we got plus more. 


She bought it on a Thursday, got window tinting and stuff done over the weekend and then we got it the following Tuesday. However, we didn’t drive it for over a week because it took until the following Monday for her to bother ringing up and getting insurance. My mother is incredibly slow in making decisions and constantly needs to be pushed. But then of course I get the “stop telling me what to do” and “you’re not my mother, stop trying to control me”. Which I am so fed up with. She can’t make decisions so I get blamed.

JDS - SUZUKI3Anyway, as of this blog post we’ve only been in it a few times and we got it in early July. Bloody hell! Not sure what we’re doing with the old car, that rego runs out in Sep so she needs to make up her mind.

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