My Favourite Things: OPRAH WINFREY!!! She’s coming to Australia AND she’s my new bestie BFF!


That’s right!

Oprah announced that she’s bringing her show to Australia and John Travolta is flying her and 300+ audience members to the country.


Of course since I wrote my book and put Oprah in it we’ve been besties ever since!


We talk every night and gossip about everything, we’re like this!


Unlike that other talk show host who reckons she’s got to get to Australia to do a show coz her wife keeps telling her she should…….

Ellen DeGeneres, you’ve missed the boat. Now if you come it will just look like you’re copying Oprah.

Anyhoo, since my bestie is coming down under I’m gonna have to show her the time of her life. Just have to get myself to where she is first.


JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE for the world to see, hear and know….

God, Higher Power, Angels, Guides, Helpers, I’m putting it out to you, get my book picked up by a publisher and get me to Oprah when she comes in December.

She’ll be doing two shows in December and touring the country. So please, please, please get my book picked up, ready to publish and get me dressed, done up and to Oprah in December so I can be on her show.

Yep, that should help.

So I also thought I’d write a few letters….

Dear Oprah,

you’ve announced that you’re coming down under and I know that since we’re bff besties that you’ll want me there to share the joy and fun of the experience. And of course you know I put you in my book. In fact, you get the very last line of the book. Can’t wait to see you here in December, I’m waiting to stalk, er, see you.

Love Jewels xxoo

And of course there’s the letters to publishers that turned me down.

Dear publishers and agents who turned me down,

(Hardie Grant, Pan Macmillan, Random House, Text Publishing, Panterra Press, Brandle & Schlesinger, Wakefield Press, Hybrid Publishing, Allen & Unwin, Black Inc Books, Curtis Brown, Conville & Walsh, Cameron Cresswell, Scribe Press, Mary Cunnane, Jenny Darling, New Holland Publishers, Robert Hale, Vanhaitsma Literary)

I sent you my submission, and while your return letter claimed you liked it, you just couldn’t fit it into your schedule, or it wasn’t right for you. Well, now Oprah’s coming to Australia and after putting her in my book, you could have had the opportunity of a lifetime promoting the book at the same time as her visit here. What a coup that would have been.

But alas, you’ve missed out on it. The publicity, the promotions, the endorsements, getting me on her show to talk about it.

What a coup, what publicity, what a disappointment.

Oh well, you’ve missed out and now it’s up to another publisher or agent to claim the prize.

Jewels xxoo

So, I’ve put it out there, I’ve said, it, wrote it, I’ve done it.

Let’s see if it works.




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