Meet the new Camilla kaftans I managed to buy in January

As mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to acquire Camilla kaftans as part of my burgeoning kaftan collection. Up until late last year I had only bought the Awakened Utopia Drawstring dress and the Rites of Tropicana cape.

But in January, I managed to get TWO Camilla kaftans.

Presenting the Artesania batwing kaftan…

It cost me just over $300 secondhand but it’s in good condition. A jersey material, it’s roomy and fairly lightweight. I wouldn’t wear a slip dress under it but if you want the extra protection, do so. Just be careful how you hang this on a clothes hanger as jersey tends to stretch over time.

Next up is the Awakened Utopia short belted kaftan…

The belt style is a little unusual as there are belt holes in the front for pulling the belt through. Of course you could also wear it without the belt, or simply wrap the belt around yourself without threading it.

I love these colours and my Holster sandals go well with it. They are calming and tropical and make you feel like you’re on holiday.

It is see through so you’ll need a slip dress, or tank top if you’re wearing tights or pants under it. Hell, you can even wear it over a long slimline dress. It would work just as well a variety of ways.

The only problem with this type of material, it is hitchable. And while the seller claimed it was in excellent condition, there is a pull across the back in the bum area, and small ones on front. Sadly, I have kaftan tops like this from Millers. So it’s unavoidable.

I paid just over $290 for it and will keep it in the closet as I wanted it, but have nowhere to wear it. Oi, such is my life…

Have you guys acquired a designer brand you’ve been after lately?

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