Lip Sync Battle comes to Australia and Dwayne Johnson is now my hero!

On Tuesday night we had the début of America’s Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon, who has worn on my nerves so much I no longer watch his show, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who I actually find quite hilarious. And the fact he flipped the bird at Jimmy made it even better. I could watch him sing Tay Tay (and Jesus Jimmy, you acted like a dick claiming to not know who Tay Tay was) all day.


The person I don’t find hilarious is Chrissy Teigen. What is the actual point of her being on the show? What is the need to have a fake bar with her making fake drinks and having the camera cut to her fake writhing around? What a fucking waste of space it is having her on the show. Her face looks like a melted squashed Barbie doll face by the way. What’s with that?

What was going on with LL’s outfit? His pants looked wrongly made and fitted badly. Were they supposed to be leather, because they looked faux to me. And his dancing was really just bouncing up and down.

Either way it’s a great way of seeing your fave star cut loose and have fun, doing stuff we normally wouldn’t see them doing, unless it’s on Jimmy Fallon.

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