Lilly Pulitzer, Yoobi and Typo Folios!

Carrying on from last week, we now have the name brand folios I’ve managed to buy this year. As I said last week, and every other time I post about these things, I’m addicted.

I love Lilly Pulitzer folios.

And I mean LOVE!!!!!!!

I love them so much, I have three, yes I said THREE Lilly’s Lagoon Folios and you can read about when I first got it here.

So then, my goal was to buy the others. Well, the update is, that I have managed to track down a Confetti, and an Ocean’s Jewels.



I’m not a fan of the Confetti colouring, but love Ocean’s Jewels as I love blue in general, and am looking for a second one. I also love the fact that these versions, along with Exotic Garden that I am yet to buy, as they are the older versions, have little gold pocket names on the inside. Three down, one to go.


I’ve also discovered Yoobi in the last year. While we can get some Yoobi goodies here in Aus, we don’t get the folios I want. Namely, this awesome palm leaf print pink one. Yes, it’s pale pink and plain on the inside, but the print is awesome. One down, one to go.


Typo have also sold folios and laptop bags/cases over the last couple of years. It’s funny, back in 2012 when I first found these style of folios, I barely managed to buy a medium and large one on eBay before they disappeared again, only to come back a few years ago with a vengeance. You can buy them anywhere, under any brand name, and any colour.

And recently on eBay, I found this blue Typo one for sale. With a pink fluffy interior, it has gold accents and space for a laptop, iPad etc, while still having the usual pockets they all seem to have. So common, these days. It also turned out a different blue in the pics when I photographed the back, lol.


My god, I can’t seem to stem my addiction.



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    1. Jewel Divas Style December 29, 2019 at 6:25 pm

      I recently found out there are two new ones from Lilly, so guess what I’ll be after?


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