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This year I’ve found quite a few new online stores to shop in for goodies such as stationery, stickers and bits and pieces like planners and compendiums. Blitsy was just one of them. I also learned about Shimelle and American Crafts and bought the Glitter Girl collection earlier in the year. Well, Shimelle is back with the Box of Crayons collection. 

I didn’t buy all of it, just the ones that were necessary to what I needed. Such as stickers, paperclips, die cuts and puffy ephemera.


I also bought these cute Doodlebugs unicorn and castle paperclips, The Happy Planner Squad Goals sticker book, and the Carpe Diem notebook with a pink typewriter on the front.


I also discovered Aliexpress this year. Although I’ve heard of them for the last ten years, and have looked on their site, I’ve never bought from them until this year. 

I mentioned my writing folders last month, but then I bought stickers. Must…resist…stickers…these gorgeous make-up, perfume and accessories stickers were only a couple of dollars each, if that, so I bought two sheets of each.


I also found these cute stickers in milk carton containers, plus packets of flowers, constellations and old fashioned things.


Don’t you just love it when things are only a dollar or two. Unfortunately it means you…cannot…resist…buying…

Have you guys bought from Aliexpress before?



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